Series & Book Revamp

Great news! The “Do you Spook German?” series has received a make-over. There were a few things that have been bugging me about the series and, since I had a few days off from my day job during the holidays, I decided that it was time to make some serious changes. No worries, I’m still on track with writing my next book.

The Haunted Love Series

 The-Human-Circle-Kindle The-Heidelberg-Ghost-Kindle The-Shadow-of-His-Past-Kindle

Breakdown of the Changes

Series Title

“Do you Spook German?” seemed to be fitting for the series when I first started writing. The title conveyed that the stories were taking place in Germany, they had a paranormal element, and where upbeat in nature. However, there aren’t many potential readers that are searching for “German spooks” to find their next book to read. I needed a series title that’s findable and more intriguing. I pondered, scribbled down, and scrapped ideas for some time before “Haunted Love” popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. I did some research with KDP Rocket and found that this new name most certainly could make the books more discoverable.

Grumpy Poltergeist Title

Also, Grumpy Poltergeist had been bugging me for a long time. The book needed a new name, something more grown up. I was taking a break at my day job when “The Shadow of His Past” came to me – you could call it divine intervention. Just to make sure I was exploring all possibilities, I spent the next few days playing with different variations of the title, but always kept coming back to my original idea. I wasn’t sure what the impact of changing a book’s title would be in regards to publishing, but I found out that other authors had done title changes successfully without major issues, so I went for it.

Cover Changes

As I was updating the titles on the book covers, I got carried away on Photoshop – just a tweak here and a little something there…. As a result, I have a brand new set of covers that I’m totally in love with. What do you think?

Between the Covers Changes

You’ll love what I did to the insides of the books. I used the Vellum software that other authors have been raving about to update links and reformat my chapters. It was super easy and the result is beautiful, as you can see below.

Vellum Blog Example

Expanding Sales to Other Stores

Since Vellum makes it so easy to create gorgeous books and generates formats for different ebook formats in seconds, I decided to give expanding sales to other stores another try. This means that you’ll be able to find my books on Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers. This used to be a major pain in the rear a few years ago, so much that I had decided to go exclusively with Amazon back then. With Vellum, this should be easy. I have to wait for each of my exclusivity agreements to expire, so The Human Circle will go “wide” first. I’ll keep you posted as things come along.

Finally, as you know, I love to hear from my readers. How do you like the new look of the series? Comment below or send me a message.  

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Author of Light Paranormal Romances - Think Hallmark-Channel Movies with a Paranormal Twist.
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