The Heidelberg Ghost

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Fall in love with the charming characters in this Hallmark-style paranormal romantic comedy and adventure.

Life is good for Andrea, until that fateful night of the annual Halloween Ball at the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle, when out of nowhere a muck-covered ring lands next to her foot in the courtyard. Attached to this antique ring is a mischievous ghost who claims that only “his true love” can break the spell and set him free. Soon she realizes, if she goes through with this setting-him-free-business, she could lose him forever.

After being accused of stealing the princess’ heirloom ring and jewelry box, Volker finds himself cursed by a witch and trapped on the castle grounds for over 400 years with no glimmer of hope for his miserable ghostly condition to improve. When he realizes that the pox-covered peasant woman standing in the courtyard can see him, he knows that she’s the one that can set him free. The only trouble is that he’s falling head over heels in love with the one that he can never be with.

˃˃˃ Light, amusing, and thoroughly entertaining…

~Margaret (Literary Chanteuse)~

˃˃˃ This novel is so different from anything that I’ve ever read and I thoroughly appreciate that fact. It was such a warm, fuzzy, fun type of story and I was thoroughly immersed in it by the ending. I definitely wanted to keep reading after the last page.

~Jonel Boyko~

˃˃˃ It’s a fun, light and engaging read which was helped along by a good set of characters and a love story which was just a little out of the normal…

~Sara Wheeldon~