Join a Reader Team

Do you want to be a part of my awesome reader teams? I’m currently looking for a few members who would like to join the following teams:

beta reader team

The Beta Team

My beta readers are very special to me and close to my heart. They provide me with valuable feedback and let me know if something is not working in a story before the manuscript goes to the editor.

Here is how it works: When I finish a new manuscript, I will send you a pre-editor copy of my newest book. In return, you agree to read the book within 4-6 weeks (about double the time as a book loan from your local library) and give me some feedback about the story structure, content, or errors that should be addressed before publication. I might also contact you occasionally while working on a new manuscript, if I need some feedback about which direction to take a story or to get your opinion on something I’m working on. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, all my Beta Readers who provided feedback will receive a finished & publish-ready advanced copy of the book before it hits the online shelves.

* Please be aware that being a beta reader takes time and commitment, as there will be publishing deadlines I’ll have to meet, and I ask you to only sign up if you have the time and desire to get involved at this level.

The Review Team

5 Star Review

So you can’t quite commit as a beta reader, but you still want to get involved in a reader team? Why not sign up as a reviewer?

Here is how it works: As a member of the review team, you will receive an advance copy of the book that’s about to be released. In exchange, I am asking you to read the book and write a review on Amazon or your favorite book seller site as the book goes live. Sharing your review on social media would also be lovely.

Awesome, how do I get on a team?

There are only a limited number of individuals that can join each team. If you are interested in joining one or both teams, please click on the button below to be considered.

Reader Team Sign-Up