The Human Circle


Prequel Novelette
The Story of Pete & Belinda

Fairies do not exist – or at least that’s what Pete, a German anthropologist whose passion lies in debunking myths and mystical creatures, believed. Just until recently…

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The Heidelberg Ghost

The-Heidelberg-Ghost-KindleBook 1
The Story of Andrea & Volker

Life is good for Andrea, until that fateful night of the annual Halloween ball at the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle, when out of nowhere a muck-covered ring lands next to her foot in the courtyard. Attached to this antique ring is a mischievous ghost who claims that only “his true love” can break the spell and set him free. Soon she realizes, if she goes through with this setting-him-free-business, she could lose him forever.

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The Shadow of His Past


Book 2
The Story of Kyla & Chris

A moody firefighter turned landlord and a grumpy poltergeist – the two men Kyla didn’t really need to complicate her new life…

“Should I call the fire department? An ambulance?” Kyla asked. Chris just shook his head. “No fire… cough, cough… it’s just dinner.”

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