About Nickie

I’m originally from Germany (born & raised) and am now calling Colorado my second home. I always enjoyed writing. My drawer next to my bed is full of journals and notebooks that I use to clear my mind with before going to sleep. I’m also a big list maker, long letter writer, and love to plan things out on paper.


Naturally, the idea of writing my own book crept into my mind. But who was I to write a novel or memoir? I’m neither famous, nor an English major. Heck, I’m not even from this country and English is my second language.

Practice Runs


Over the years, a lot of folks told me that my story as a military wife, and coming to the States, while pregnant with twins, would make a great book for young military wives. So, after a long time of tossing the idea around, I started writing my experiences down in German, because I figured, girls getting married to GIs overseas would want to hear about what it’s like to live with a Soldier in a foreign country. I wrote and wrote, then life got in the way. Now, said script is waiting patiently in a bookshelf.

I then started writing Christmas newsletters to update the family on how we’re doing. I always got great feedback, though I couldn’t figure out what everybody thought was so special about my newsletters. I just wanted to do something creative for the holidays.

With my confidence boosted, and nothing on the shelves in the PX piquing my interest (we were stationed in Germany at the time), I decided to tackle my own small-town romance novel project and eventually got stuck.

The Birth of My First Book

I came across the National Novel Writing Month website in October 2011.  It was just what I needed at the time, finish a first draft with 50,000 words in 1 month.  I can do this, I thought, but the stipulation was to start a new book.

Not wanting to cheat on my first contest, I dug out my notes for a great story idea I had written down a few months earlier. The more time I spent developing the characters and plot, the more excited I became about putting it on paper. With a rough outline in hand, I began typing away on the first of November and did not look back until I met my goal of writing my 50,000 words and finished my first draft – and The Heidelberg Ghost was born.

What’s Next?

Writing, revising, polishing… and writing many more books.


How to Get in Touch with Me

I love to interact with my readers and fellow authors, so here are a few places where you can find me:

Facebook: This is where I like to chit-chat and hang out with readers like you – kinda like sitting in a nice cozy living room with the fireplace going and enjoying the wonderful people I’m surround with.

Goodreads: Where you can follow me, interact with me, and see what I’m currently reading. I call it Facebook for book lovers. Don’t know what to read next? See what your friends recommend.

Twitter: Here, I usually tweet about books that look like they could be fun to read and other interesting things you might like.